What Our Clients Say…

We don’t usually sing our own praises, but we genuinely care about each of our  families, and it’s really nice to be appreciated! Here’s what some of our previous clients have to say about us…

“Thank you for the kind words and all your support, Deborah. Moving is always hard, but it was certainly much easier and smoother with your amazing support.”  – Mrs V moved from Spain to London

‘Some great news today…our son has been accepted at our top preference local state school! We are delighted that he has been accepted by a school that rates as outstanding. This is the best outcome we could have hoped for and even trumps the private school we had also applied to.

This is the best outcome we could have hoped for! Words cannot describe our excitement and we are thankful for your support, perseverance and the appeal you helped prepare as I believe it was a contributing factor. Many thanks again!’ – Mr K moved from South Africa to St Albans

“Debbie and Deborah, we were so stressed with so many things pending, both personal and professional. We cannot thank you enough all your valuable guidance, tips and advice you gave us. I will never forget this.” – Mr L moved from Mexico to Harpenden

“During a busy and stressful time moving back to the UK, we reached out to Debbie and her company to help guide us better through the primary school appeal process. From our initial contact to the successful outcome, Debbie was simply fantastic.

Debbie took the time to understand our situation, both the facts but also our family’s thoughts/emotions. Her calmness and professionalism hugely improved our draft appeal, diplomatically and expertly recommending a number of improvements. The research and information Debbie provided was first class, as was her overall knowledge and experience of the complex process – fundamental to us as we were obviously emotionally attached to our individual case. Throughout we also felt as if Debbie really cared about our family/the outcome and we cannot recommend her services enough to others who may unfortunately be in the same position.

Thank you Debbie – you have made a huge difference to our family. Our son’s reintegration to the UK has been massively helped by your guidance and expertise.” – Mr & Mrs L moved from USA to Gloucestershire

“We just wanted to thank you for helping us out. We absolutely made the right decision asking for help by the way – I’d forgotten what a minefield this school business is!” – Mr & Mrs M moved from Australia to Buckinghamshire

“Dear Deborah, thank you and please allow me to take the opportunity and acknowledge your great support to the whole family. It’s rarely that I meet people which so much experience and professional knowledge that are also so sensitive and attentive. Your understanding of the needs of the whole family was key when we went through the challenges of relocation.” – Mrs S moved from Germany to Cambridge

“I’m pleased to confirm that my son is now officially admitted into the school we really wanted – and also starts tomorrow! Thank you once again for all the amazing support, comprehensive research and valued insights as we went through the process. So pleased with the outcome!” – Mrs K moved from Kenya to London

“Yes, we did manage to secure places for the twins in our preferred nursery. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Couldn’t have done it without you. You have been brilliant at guiding us! Once again, we are very grateful for your support and the meticulous work you’ve put behind this.” – Mrs V moved from India to Cambridge

“Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all your help last week. My wife and I came away thinking that all of the schools we visited would be good options for the kids, and loved different elements of all the schools. Your work really made navigating a new and somewhat stressful experience much more manageable. Thanks again for all the help.” – Mr & Mrs S moved from Toronto to London

“Dear Debbie, thank you so very much again for supporting us in making a well-informed decision regarding schooling choices for our son. It has been a real pleasure collaborating with you these past two months and we appreciate you holding our hand so to speak. Indeed, we very much value your input, expertise and personal and kind touch on what has been a tumultuous time.To that end, I am delighted to confirm that our preferred school just offered our son a place a few moments ago and I wished to share the good news with you.We also shared with the Relocation Services company our very positive experiences with you and made it clear that your expertise, broad experience, analytical and deep-diving knowledge and abilities coupled with your personal touch and background in teaching were second to none and highly recommended for future clientele.” – Mr & Mrs V moved from the Netherlands to Surrey

“Thanks so much Deborah! You’ve been amazing and helping us settle into UK. We are much more confident regarding our son in London, his future and his education here, all thanks to you. Thank you for everything!” – Mr S moved from India to London

“We just want to tell you a big THANK YOU for your work. You have been very efficient in every single step and showed a high degree of empathy and patience, which has helped us significantly.

By far, your assistance has been the best among the ones we have received along our relocation process.

We are already installed in our new home and our daughters are attending our local primary school. They are both happy and adapting to the UK system extraordinarily well.” – Mr & Mrs T moved from Spain to Cambridge

“Thank you so much for your patient guidance through this process. I know I was very anxious about this, and your calming presence did help settle me down. And thank you for the detailed update. I appreciate all the time that goes into having these conversations and following up.” – Mr & Mrs D moved from Toronto to London

“I wanted to thank you properly for all your help in finding a school for my son. Despite these difficult times and many uncertainties he is extremely happy and settled into his new school. When he is so happy it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much for all your guidance and support through the process.”– Mr & Mrs G moved from Germany to UK

“Thanks again – you’ve given our son the option to create a good new trajectory at a challenging time for young people.” – Mr & Mrs D received bespoke Further Education advice

“Just wanted to express all our gratitude and admiration. You were amazing in capturing very fast our daughter’s needs, you found for us many great options, when we ended up with a completely different location you immediately responded with pragmatism, agility, and you found what looks like the ideal school we were dreaming of. Last but not least, you have been remarkable in guiding us and in managing our expectations so we could adapt faster to the UK schooling environment.

We feel very lucky to have been supported by you. Thanks again and wishing you all the best.” – Mrs & Mrs B moved from Russia to Bath

“Firstly a big thank you for the analysis provided. Of all the services provided in support of my relocation to London, yours has been the most comprehensive and insightful. Knowing that we are working to a tight time frame, your analysis enabled us to readily target schools of interest. I am feeling very confident we have the right information to target the schools we should be considering.” – Mr & Mrs H moved from Australia to London

“Following our successful school appeal, I just wanted to add my personal thanks: you made our case better, helped me be well-prepared and we got the result we wanted. We’re very relieved and extremely grateful. Thank you!” – Mr & Mrs P moved from US to Gloucestershire, appeals support

Once again I would like to thank you personally for the recommendation and your services as well, as these were extremely helpful for us, in the challenging initial period of settling down to a new city/country. My consultant has been an incredible support throughout this process – many thanks.” amazing support!” – Mr & Mrs K moved from Athens to Cambridge

“Good schooling for our kids, is every parent’s main worry. So one of the more complex tasks of moving to a new country is understanding the new school system and finding the good schools. Especially as they need to be close to your new home. And if you have several kids, that gets even more complex. Also a lot of investment goes into an international move.

Now with my relocation finished, I can say that the best investment I made in the entire relocation process was contracting Bowker Consulting’s services. Not only did my consultant help me understand how to proceed, but gave me also constant support during the School vs House search. She replies fast, with very good and useful analysis, and jumps in with hands-on support when needed. We could really count on her the whole time. Really recommend her to anyone moving to UK with kids. Thanks for all your help!” – Mr & Mrs R moved from Brazil to Wokingham

“Thank you so much for all of your help. You have been wonderful. We could not have navigated this school process without you! We are so appreciative of all of the time you put into this for us. I could not be happier with how it has worked out.

Thank you for your quick and insightful responses to the 100 emails I’ve sent you over the last month! We are looking forward to our new adventure!” – Mrs E moved from USA to Cheshire

“I just wanted to say how much we have appreciated your help and support with our daughter’s school place. It’s been a long process of application and appeal preparation with some last minute ‘excitement’ when the LA withdrew their offered place due to an administrative error and then had to be ‘persuaded’ to offer it again. Throughout all of this, the Bowker team have been most helpful and I particularly appreciated your excellent and calm advice on Thursday when the LA withdrew its offer. In the end, we have secured a place for our daughter at our first preference school.

I know you’ve helped a lot of my colleagues too and each of us has our own story. For us, it’s been a real rollercoaster so thanks again for your hand-holding on the ride. We got there in the end. With thanks and very best wishes” – Mr & Mrs K moved from Cheshire to Cambridge, appeals support

“I am struggling to find the words to be able to thank you sufficiently for all the help and reassurance that you gave me yesterday! Your email below was the icing on the cake! Thank you so very much! I slept past 5 am this morning. Thank you very, very much for all your help and amazing support!” – Mr & Mrs M moved from Paris to Woking

“Thank you again for all the time you spent with us and all of your patience with the many questions that we had. We are so grateful that you helped us to find a school that is the right fit for our family.” – Mr M moved from US to Nottingham

“Thanks for your invaluable help! Specially supporting me in panicking moments!” –  Mr F moved from Spain to London

“Thank you for your wonderful support and guidance throughout my relocation from India to London. The whole thought of shifting with family to a new country uprooting an establishment back home looked a daunting task. Thanks to your expertise I am now settled in London in just over a month’s time. Some of the highlights of the interactions were:

  1. Efficient planning: You connected with me when I was in India and took down background details and expectations to prepare ahead. It was indeed wonderful to receive the drafts of conversation and the planning ahead.
  2. High Quality Research: Well before my arrival in UK I had received very informative emails from you on the Education system in UK, schools in the area; how they are ranked and even arranging School visits (this had helped a lot in deciding and understanding the ideal school for my son)
  3. Good and Honest Guidance: Thank you for helping me at every step of applying for the school for my son. He has been offered a place at the school rated outstanding that I was hoping to put him in.

Wish you all the very best and thank you once again for making it so easy for me. It was an exceptional experience.” – Mr & Mrs G moved from India to London.

“Today, is our daughter’s first school day. The teachers and little boys and girls there are super friendly and helpful. They’ve helped her to enjoy her time at school as much as possible. We are truly happy for her!

One more time, we would like to send our most sincere appreciation for your support and recommendation during the last 2 months.” – Ms T moved from Vietnam to Brentford

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