Corporate Relocations – Domestic and International

The team at Bowker Consulting has extensive experience in providing specialist education advice for corporate relocations, both to and from the UK, as well as between countries worldwide.

Although understanding the education system and securing an appropriate school is a small part of the whole relocation experience; getting it right can be a crucial element in achieving a successful assignment.

Bowker Consulting collaborates closely with relocation partners to ensure that relocating families are well supported and able to make informed decisions regarding their children’s education.

“My relocation company has successfully partnered with Bowker Consulting for the past 14 years. They offer education support to my clients who are relocating from overseas to the UK with children. My clients are all very senior executives and therefore expect a very high level of support, knowledge and experience from the companies I introduce them to, and the consistent feedback has always been, without exception, extremely positive. I would thoroughly recommend their services to any families relocating to the UK.”

Emma Morley, Managing Director, Executive Relocation Plus Ltd, 

Bowker Consulting can support you with:

  • Group Moves – Educational Overviews and Guides for different locations.
  • Presentations and attendance at Relocation Fairs and Events.
  • Pre-Decision Assistance for employees considering a job offer or move.
  • Education Advice Helpline.
  • Full Education Support for relocating employees.
  • Expat Educational Monitoring Service – for a smooth transition both outbound and on return from an International Assignment.
  • Confidential, VIP and Board Level assistance.

Our team of consultants have comprehensive knowledge of education systems in the UK and around the world and can advise on:

  • Local education options – are local schools appropriate for families or are there barriers to entry, such as language or government restrictions, making them inaccessible.
  • Private and International Schools – taking into account the educational background of the children.
  • A range of school options for short- or fixed-term International Assignments and permanent moves.
  • Families needing guidance regarding Special Educational Needs and language support.

Brexit Planning

Since 1997, Bowker Consulting has acquired extensive expertise on education systems and schools in various locations, including Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, putting us in a great position to assist companies in assessing the viability of destinations from an educational standpoint.

Our experienced team provide bespoke information packages, detailing key factors such as the curricula offered at various schools, admission requirements and the demand for places.

We are happy to tailor a relevant Education package for you depending on your business requirements.

Please refer to our Testimonials page for client feedback on our services.

“I have worked with Debbie Bowker for many years. She always responds positively to any request we put her way, no matter how challenging the individual family’s circumstances. I have always found her to be very professional and caring. She is able to balance the corporate requirements of our clients with the personal needs of each family and find solutions that leave everyone satisfied.

Debbie has recently helped a family moving to the UK from Egypt with three children, all at very tricky ages in the UK education system. The younger son is starting secondary school in September, the older son, by his age would be entering half way through the GCSE courses and the daughter, by her age, would be entering halfway through her A Levels.

By liaising with individual state schools and the local council she has ensured that the youngest child has a Year 7 place for September, the middle child a place to start his GCSEs (the school concerned are making an exception to allow him to go back a year) and the daughter a place to start her A Levels. This means the education of the children will not be jeopardised by the move, which means everyone is happy.”

Helen Grierson-Shea, Client Services Director, Lexicon Relocation,

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