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NEW SERVICE: Family Support – Coronavirus Situation

As the UK government has announced the closure of schools for the foreseeable future we can imagine that the idea of homeschooling, in a curriculum that they are not familiar with, may feel overwhelming especially to families who have relocated to the UK in the last six months. Before we became Education Consultants we were all in the education sector and taught a range of subjects, so we are currently putting together a service that companies can offer to employees who need help understanding what they are being asked to teach their children at home.

We can also appreciate the concerns of families feeling ‘stuck’ in England with loved ones, including older relatives, overseas. Between us we have family in France, Germany, Spain and Australia and hope to offer reassurance and ideas of how to keep in touch.

If you think your employees’ families would benefit from a service like this please contact us on +44 (0)1908 395041 or [email protected] to find out more.

What We Do

We support relocating families, helping them to make the very best decisions about their children’s education.

Relocating is a challenging experience for the whole family. We understand that it can be very stressful for families with children to move; which is why we pride ourselves on offering a caring, personalised, and professional service to ensure we identify the most suitable educational environment for each individual child. We consider the current needs of the children and look ahead to whatever the future may hold. We provide full research and clear explanations, and aim to simplify the whole process as much as possible.

Although understanding the educational system and securing an appropriate school is a small part of the whole relocation experience; getting it right is crucial to ensure a successful assignment and to help families settle in quickly.

Bowker Consulting has successfully provided education services to thousands of relocating families since 1997. We have extensive experience with corporate relocations as well as private individuals.

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