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At Bowker Consulting, we are continuing to work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to provide Education support and advice for families whose relocation plans have been disrupted, and particularly for those moving to the UK from overseas. There are so many ways that this crisis is affecting relocating families – and we are here to help.

We are currently assisting many families, in a range of different personal circumstances, including:

  • Those planning a future move, often with multiple possible move dates and locations
  • Families who are mid-way through a move, with all the complications of restrictions on school visits and entrance exams or taster days, delays securing a permanent address, difficulties with travel arrangements  and quarantine periods, and all kinds of disruption to their children’s education
  • Families where one parent has already moved ahead of their family, who are not yet able to join them, and are needing to know how and when they can apply for school places, so everything is ready for when they can travel.
  • Families who have moved but whose children have not yet been allocated a school place
  • Those who are home-schooling their children with or without various resources from their child’s school, the quality of which can vary greatly
  • Families who had school appeals lodged and are needing assistance with the changes to the way appeals are being heard
  • Those looking for Independent schools and International Schools, and trying to understand what that may involve
  • Families whose children need additional educational support in school, including those who have not received additional support or differentiation of work while trying to learn online at home
  • Families who are considering placing their child into a different year group, to allow them to repeat a year to give more time to catch up following disrupted education
  • Families who are concerned as their children are either in or are fast approaching key exam years

At Bowker Consulting we have seen how International schools, Independent schools, state schools and local authorities have been responding to the Covid-19 situation, and to the ever-changing government decisions. We have remained in touch with our contacts in schools, local authorities and with our clients to see how best we can help support families, and help them to navigate the complex school admissions process in these challenging times. Provision and procedures vary hugely from school to school, and area to area.

Of course, the situation is unfolding and advice is changing daily, which is especially challenging for families trying to find out what they should do. We are best placed to provide calm reassurance, research all available educational options for each child, and help steer parents through the decisions they need to make.

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What We Do

We support relocating families, helping them to make the very best decisions about their children’s education.

Relocating is a challenging experience for the whole family. We understand that it can be very stressful for families with children to move; which is why we pride ourselves on offering a caring, personalised, and professional service to ensure we identify the most suitable educational environment for each individual child. We consider the current needs of the children and look ahead to whatever the future may hold. We provide full research and clear explanations, and aim to simplify the whole process as much as possible.

Although understanding the educational system and securing an appropriate school is a small part of the whole relocation experience; getting it right is crucial to ensure a successful assignment and to help families settle in quickly.

Bowker Consulting has successfully provided education services to thousands of relocating families since 1997. We have extensive experience with corporate relocations as well as private individuals.

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